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Mission Statement
The Gallanough Resource Centre is an educational, recreational facility providing library type services and various programmes for children and adults that meet the needs of the community.
Board of Directors

President: Rick Meridew
Secretary: Linda Orriell
Treasurer: Marilyn Braude
Members: Jeffrey Chow, Jacob Freedman, Sharon Green, Joshua Katchen, Alan Morris, Alex Reinker, Alan Shefman (Councillor Ward 5),
-------------- Heather Spear

A Brief history of Gallanough

The Gallanough Resource Centre (GRC) is named in memory of the Gallanough family who first bought land and settled in Thornhill in 1823. The Gallanough family played many active roles in the community for over 100 years.

Much of the funds used to build the library came from a $200,000 bequest left by the late Dr. Frederick Gallanough to "establish a memorial to the Gallanough family in or about the area presently known as Thornhill..."

The property was generously donated by Joseph Tanenbaum, a well known local developer. The Thornhill Lions Club donated trees and shrubs.

Architect Napier Simpson designed the building. Mr. Simpson was quoted at the time as saying that his design was in keeping with the "softer rural feeling of Thornhill."

Mayor Garnet A. Williams presided over the original opening ceremony on October 18, 1975 when the facility opened its doors as the Gallanough Library, part of the Vaughan Public Library system. The Gallanough continued in that role until the Library board closed it in May 1996.

Local residents including members of the Crestwood, Springfarm, Yorkhill Residents' Association have worked hard with Vaughan Council and the Public Trustees office to reinstate the Gallanough as a focal point of the Thornhill community.

The Gallanough Resource Centre reopened quietly on November 8, 1999 as a community run facility. As a Not for Profit Corporation with Charitable Status the Gallanough is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.